5 Passive Income Ideas To Create More Freedom In Your Life

Selling digital content in an easy way

Maja Savic
3 min readNov 30, 2022


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Would you like to create passive income with digital products, but have no idea where to start?

Listen, I’m pretty sure you already have tons of content that only needs to be tweaked and sold. It’s the easiest way to start, without too much work and feeling overwhelmed.

I once helped my client create an e-book from her blog posts and sell it on Amazon, and another a whole course from her existing live streams!

If you only take a look at the material you have, you might discover some gems.

To get you started here are 5 ideas to inspire you!


You can create a simple e-book in Canva on the topic you are familiar with and feel comfortable sharing.

What is your business about?

What would your clients really appreciate?

What can you talk about with confidence?

Solve a problem in simple steps, share advice and easy-to-follow instructions, and glam it up with images if it feels aligned.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or long, and perhaps you already have lots of blog posts on the topic that you can repurpose.

Once you have it ready, if you need help with formatting there are quite affordable options on Fiverr (just make sure to check out the reviews). Then publish it either on your website or Amazon publishing.

See what is possible and make it happen!


Group your live streams or recordings on a topic of your choice. I’m sure you have something hidden on your computer that you might not even know. Edit if necessary and share it with the world!

You can publish it on your website or use something like Payhip which is super easy to set up.


Create a simple one-video master class or a workshop on a topic that your community would love or use one you already have and repurpose it!



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